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Telecom Line Status Indicator
TELSI is to identify / indicate the telecom line status at the exchange / EPABX Krone junction. TELSI has 2 LED (Light Emitting diode) indicators that help to indicate the status of the line at the exchange itself. This product will help solve all the telecom line problems quickly even before the customer raises a complaint.
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Sky Comm Technologies
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Product Description

In telecom network, we need to encage many man powers and need to spend time to locate the problems and identify the errors in the exchange and in the network.


We developed this STATUS INDICATOR to simplify the man power and the Time. You have to fix this device into each pairs of Krones, to identify the fault visually in the exchange itself before the customer raise the complaints.



You have to fix this device into each pairs of Krones of Junction boxes to locate the field errors like short circuit / open circuit / Line ok.


                   The TELSI is divided into various types based on the features.



                   The TELSI REFLECTOR should be connecting at the phone user end to identify the line status and open circuit of the network.



                   Advanced version of this model is named PRO, embedded with the lightning arrestor to protect the EPABX and other systems against the lightning. When the thunder falls on the earth, it penetrates through the earth and damages the surface along with network systems through the underground telephone cable lines. The insulations of our underground cable cannot withstand the high voltages of the thunder. So, it passes through the insulation and attacks all connected systems like the EPABX system, Telephones, etc....



1.   Telecom EPABX,

2.   Telecom Junction points and

3.   All wired communication lines




1.   Continuous line status indication at every junction point

2.   Easy identification of line faults

3.   Quick trouble shooting of lines with reduced time

4.   No polarity of connecting the product ( TELSI – PRO polarity / Non polarity model only).



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