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Hydro Infra Sonar Water Level Controllers
Specially invented for - long distances ( unlimited range – above 10 Km ) Motor pumps in which we cannot lay wire in between the tank / Sump and the Motor Pump.
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Sky Comm Technologies
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This DIGITAL INFRA SONAR TRANSCEIVER plays a major role to communicate the signals through the water in the pipeline and send commands to the MOTOR CONTROLLER to control the Motor pump automatically. The SUMP LEVEL SENSOR is an electro mechanical device which is made of PVC material for fail proof sensing against salt scaling and for everlasting performance. The Connections have to be made as per the diagram mentioned above.



The INFRA SONAR REFELECTOR has to be fitted at near the delivery end of the pipeline to reflect the signal of the INFRA SONAR TRANSCEIVER when the water level reaches the higher level of the tank which is sensed by the FLOAT SWITCH. The LEVEL CONTROLLER is connected with the FLOAT SWITCH to control the INFRA SONAR REFLECTOR according to the water level of the Tank. When the water reaches the minimum level the LEVEL CONTROLLER send commands to the reflector to allow the flow of water. The INFRA SONAR Transceiver is programmed to set the signal strength of the frequency of the signal in Hertz to Mega Hertz and programmed to starts the motor pump when it never receives the transmitted signal back. The cycle continues without fail until or unless there is no leakage in the water pipeline. This INFRA SONAR TRANSCEIVER has dry run protection means switch OFF motor automatically when there is no flow of water in the pipeline.


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