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Automatic Water Level Controller
The fully automatic wired controller is an economical & reliable solution for controlling the motor automatically according to the level of water in the over head tank and the sump
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Sky Comm Technologies
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   The Wired full automatic controller is an economical and reliable  solution for controlling the motor automatically according to the level of water  in the over tank and the sump

This Controller system is a most reliable  than the conventional electronic system because of not using any sensitive electronic components to avoid component failures due to low/high voltage surge & spikes. It has inbuilt low/high voltage cutoff and compatible for 3 phase motor also. 

 The fibre float level sensor is more reliable than the conventional metal rods /  probes. We are using the fiber float sensor which is suitable for all type of water or liquids. 




  • Our system will switch ON / OFF your Motor automatically
  •  Switches OFF the motor automatically if the Sump is empty
  •  Indicates the weakness of your home electrical power line
  •  Fast & easy Troubleshooting & servicing over phone
  •  During emergency use your motor manually at anytime
  •  No chances of overflow, current wastage and motor burnout.
  •  Direct Plug & Play, Fast & Easy Installation within 5 minutes
  • System communicating through your existing power line.
  •  No need of wiring in between Motor and the Tank
  •  Applicable to all types of motors, capacity and liquid ( salt / sewage water )
  •  No need of manpower to maintain the motor, sump and tank.
  •  Dry run sensor (optional) is provided to protect from motor burnouts.
  •  Avoids seepage of water from roofs & walls due to overflowing tanks.

Useful for

  • TENANTS - can reinstall easily wherever they transfer
  • HOUSE OWNERS - who wants to save their current and water
  • INDUSTRIES - to protect the motor from Dry run / other damages
  • shopping complex, apartments, etc....



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